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    Overcoming Common Errors when Photocopying

    Signs Reason Fix Machine is not photo, waste toner full error? – Printer constantly over 2000 copies per cartridge system will report fully in the next 100 prints. - Check the ink cartridges, toner waste bottle is full pour. When handwriting blurry photo? - Printing paper may be too damp or too thin. – Level of regulations, […]

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  • hang-viet

    Dangers of poor quality paper consumption

    Currently, the paper industry has become one of the 10 critical areas of Vietnam. The development plan vision 2020 targets construction industry combined with modern technology, formation of regional...Chi tiết
  • A3 Sup 70

    The quality and importance of copier paper

    Some criteria to help you evaluate the quality of the paper : Paper size ( paper size ) according to international standards ( ISO ) derived from the standard...Chi tiết